Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Growing out of control

I was bemoaning our weather and wishing for spring just a couple of weeks months ago. (That tells you how much time I ever get to write here...)    I started some seeds the beginning of February in my small unfinished storage room/pantry and I was really excited because a lot of what I started was from seeds I collected in the garden last fall.
Marigolds, Salvia, Morning Glories
Sunflowers, Cosmos

I love the idea that I am getting a head start on planting, so that when I can get things in the ground, I can spend more time enjoying them, and less time waiting for the to sprout. 

Matter of fact, I started loving this idea maybe a little too much... Or maybe it was the spell that those darn seed packets were casting every time I walked past them at Lowe's, Menard's, and even the Supermarket.

Well, I decided I needed to increase
the space I had by purchasing one of those heavy duty wire shelving units when they were on sale at Target a couple weeks ago.

I was able to increase my seedling count from 7 trays to 35 as soon as I got it all rigged into place.
I got the 5 shelf unit, and had to cut down the legs with the hacksaw so that I could set it up on top of our workbench and not hit the ceiling joists.  I spaced out the shelves so I could hang the lights under each shelf and have room for the seed trays.

If you read my previous post you will already understand my need to be frugal about this, so I did not buy the seed trays with the cells that they sell at home improvement stores.  After considering them, I thought that they would need to be moved into larger pots sooner rather than later.  I ended up buying plastic 3 oz. drink cups (like for the bathroom) in sleeves from Walmart-- the Great Value brand.  I drilled holes in the bottom of the about 8 at a time.  I also got plastic trays that I can reuse from year to year for 25 cents a piece at Mac's.  I got seed starting medium at Lowe's and at Kmart-- I ended up using 5 bags this year.

Once I was finally done with all the planting, I washed and sterilized all my cups and trays so I can pack them away for next year.

After some reflection, I think there are a few things I learned for next year:
1. Don't plant morning glories, sunflowers, or snapdragons.
2. Start coleus, petunias, and moss roses earlier.
3. Take cuttings of geraniums and other plants to overwinter.

The garden is always a place for revision: mine is still changing as this is only the 3rd summer we have been in this house.  Here's how things are looking as the end of June/beginning of July.
Last year's new flowerbed

Amaranth on the deck

Cosmos, Salvia Farinacea, Allysums, Rosebush

New Fairy Garden

The back Garden

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