Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Menu Planning 201

I have just a few minutes to write today: I am waiting for a contingent from the Fargo Garden Club (Society?) to come and tour the yard this morning.   I did mention in on of the last posts that I started out menu planning with paper copies of the menu done in word and posted on our old magnet board by the computer. (N.B.: Fargo-Moorhead Horticulture Club)

I don't do it that way anymore, partly because it kept getting moved and falling off.  Our old calendar was also too small to record everyone's comings and goings. And truly, how many different calendars can I keep track of?  I wish I could say that I had a great techy answer like having an iPad installed in my wall so all the family can link calendar events like I saw on HGTV before we cut the cord, but no... This is a project on a budget again!

I needed a BIG dry-erase board.  I mean 3'x6' big.  I checked out the internet and most of the things I found were between 70-300 dollars depending on if they were also magnetic, and none of them fit my desired dimensions exactly.

Enter the DIY project!
I went to Lowes and got this:    panelling   and had them cut it for me so I could have the size I wanted (and that could fit in the back of my Saturn...)  It is great stuff: you can write on it with dry erase and it comes right off.  I know other teachers who have had squares cut for their classrooms so students can have their own whiteboards.

I also got the vinyl adhesive you can use with fancy cutters at Hobby Lobby and used my quilting ruler and razor wheel to cut thin strips of the silver.

I laid out the calendar so that we would have an easily accessible note side to keep track of things coming up. Then to label! I used the computer to print of some rub on words on Graffix Rub-on transfer paper for the word Notes and for the days and month.
New and improved menu board
As for hanging, I just measured and used a stud finder with washers and screws to hang it on the wall securely.

I am so happy with the calendar-- it has really made life easier around here.

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